How It Works

1. Register and supply all required contact information.

2. List it. A good listing starts with an up front and honest description, this will assure a smooth transaction. It should be full of details describing ALL wear and tear or blemishes. Include age of the equipment, manufacturer, dimensions, and consider grading the equipment. i.e. with tents we might give the tent an A, B or C, or we might say a tent top is “Wedding Quality” (best), “Backyard quality” (good), or “Fair/Festival quality” (fair). When using honesty is not only the best policy, it is the only policy.

3. Post photos. Nowadays everyone has a device to take a photo. Make sure you show the good and the bad using multiple photos if necessary.

4. Set an auction time frame of your choice or list your item as a classified ad. If you are willing to sell it at a deep discount or if you want to sell it quickly list it under clearance.

5. “Price it to sell!” Set your minimum price and establish transportation fees. We have provided a link to UPS for smaller packages; smaller packages are under 150 lbs. and 108 inches in length or 165 inches in overall size (overall size is calculated by adding the length with two times the width) There is also a link to and for larger packages.
Upon acceptance of the bid sellers are expected to ship out the product within TWO business days and provide proof/tracking number(s) to the buyer.

6. Ship it and collect your M$ney! Funds will be transferred to your account following acceptance by the buyer – Great job, you just made space for fresh inventory. A seller’s fee of 8% of the final sale is deducted by

***If there is any conflict between buyer and seller regarding condition or operation of equipment purchased through we will work to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. In doing so we will first look at your listing to make sure that an accurate and detailed description was provided. If the description appears to be inaccurate or lacks necessary details your risk for losing the case is greater.***


1. Make an offer and pay with one of the many ways that we have made available to you.

2.“Buyer beware” While some auctions offer new unused equipment, know that with most auctions you are purchasing an item that has been used. You are paying less than the cost for new and for that discount you should expect normal wear and tear. If you are unsure about the condition before purchasing ask the buyer for more photos or even video.

3. Receive it. After receiving an item you have ONE business day to accept or reject the item. If you decide to reject it, the first course of action should be to come to an agreement with the seller. If both parties cannot come to an agreement you will need to start a case by contacting us, this can be done on our contact page. A full description and details of the transaction must be presented to us. From there the sellmyrentals team will review the case and determine the most fair resolution for all parties involved.

4. Congratulations, you bought the equipment you needed and saved money using

*** will assume no legal responsibility for unresolved disputes, that responsibility belongs to buyers and sellers.***